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Your Resource for learning to chant Torah and Perfect Your Reading

Full access to the complete Tikun and all Haftarah Readings, Full Recordings

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Ease of Use

An easy to use and intuitive interface hides the complexity and intelligence that exists behind the scenes.

Complete Readings

We have indexed the complete Tanach so you can retrieve exactly what you require. Includes all recordings.


Multiple intelligent search features provide the user with the tools they need to find the exact texts that are required

Web Based

A complete web based solution that provides security with zero downloads or installs. Modern and always available.

Ease of Use
Simple Yet Powerful

A simple to use interface hides the complexity and intelligence programmed into this application. With powerful tools at your fingertips you can easily find the required texts, and practice your reading with all the standard tools plus some new ones that are exclusive to this application.

The Power of Search
find what you need

With three search options available, Search by Chapter/Verse, Search by Parasha and Aliya and Search by Date, You have the ability to find exactly what you want from any book in the Tanach.

Search results are optimized to be lightweight regardless of the amount of data being transferred. Quick and accurate results are guaranteed.

Intelligence Embedded
the knowledge you need

Every word, every vowel, every note is indexed and referenceable. Every word has knowledge about it's contents and context. We use AI to understand the trope patterns and correctly color code the complete Torah.

Mouse over a word it will give you not only the translation but also the trope associated with the word.

Learn to
Chant Torah

Whether you're an experienced reader or a novice, "Torah Readers Tikun Teacher" ® provides you with the tools to perfect your reading. Whether it's cross highlighting, trope or vowel highlighting, trope pattern highlighting or the trope view and all recordings. All the tools you need to learn to chant Torah are at your fingertips.

All the Options
Find your schedule

Fully integrated calendar provides you with the options to search for a Parasha by date. With options for Israel and Diasporah readings, you'll be sure to find the correct reading no matter where you are. Clicking a date brings up all the relevent information. The readings and recording are just a click away.

Learning is

With our unique "Follow Along" features, you can listen to the recordings and watch as each word is correctly highlighted. Use those features together with our AI enhanced pattern recognition and color coding and you have all the tools at your fingertips to be proficient very quickly.

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Amazing Features

We've got a lot of amaing and cool features.

Tikun Views

Toggle between various Tikun views, Torah view, Nikkud view or both - enabling easy practice of your reading.


Cross highlighting between views, Highlight Trope and Vowels. Highlight trope patterns to help in learning.


Torah Readers Tikun Teacher ® is fully integrated into Torah readers. Our web based Torah reading scheduling program.

Group License

Unlimited access, unlimited logins for Synagogues and Schools. Full access to all Texts and recordings. Easy to Use interface. Bookmark Favorites.

Tikun Teacher ®

The Tikun Teacher provides Trope information and recordings of each paragraph, aliya or complete portion.

For Everyone

Whether you read Full Kriyah, Triennial or custom, Torah Readers Tikun Teacher ® supports your specific use case.

Why Choose Us?

At Maor Intelligent Solutions LLC, we specialize in developing web based solutions that solve complex business problems. There isn't a lot more complex than understanding the laws and traditions associated with reading the Torah. Whether it's what to read when, how to read, or how to understand the different text forms associated with learning to read Torah.

Whether you read full Kriyah, Triennial, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, we have embedded all the knowledge required to learn the correct readings inside of this intelligent application.

how it works

This is a modern application that uses the most up-to-date technologies to provide you, the user, with all the information you need in order to learn to chant torah, haftarah or any other text in the Tanach.

We use AI to understand the context of a word within its surroundings, this is so we can correctly color code the trope in the correct pattern and also provide a correct recording for the selected sentence.

There is no other program on the market that can do this!

Pricing plan

A plan for every type of reader

Enjoy a FREE 30 DAY trial prior to paying for any subscription



  • Free Trial Period
  • *30 Searches per month
  • Perfect for the Casual Readers
  • Search by Portion and Aliyah
  • Access Torah and Haftarah Readings
  • Tikun Teacher ® Tools
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  • Free Trial Period
  • *100 Searches per month
  • For the Frequent Reader
  • Translations for all Texts
  • Powerful Search Tools
  • Tikun Teacher ® Tools
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  • Site License
  • Up to 15 authorized users
  • For Synagogues or Schools
  • Unlimited Logins
  • All Texts and Recordings
  • Tikun Teacher ® Tools
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  • Web Service API Access
  • Unlimitted Query Access
  • Documented APIs
  • Query All Hebrew & English Texts
  • Interactive Tikun scripts provided
  • 24/7 support
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* A Search is defined as asking the program to retrieve any reading text

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's try and answer your questions

Question: Is the layout like the Tikun?

Ans: Yes - the default layout is just the same as a Tikun view with two columns of text. Additional views are available.

Question: Does it support Hebrew Chapter/Verse notations?

Ans: Yes - you can easily toggle between numeric and hebrew letters for chapter and verse designations.

Question:Can you search by Chapter and verse?

Ans: Yes - Using the Chapter/Verse Search is the most powerful way to retrieve the exact text that you require from the complete Torah. Results are presented in the Tikun view.

Question: Can you search by Aliyah?

Ans: Yes - Searching by Book, Parasha and Aliyah is the basic search. Additional options, such as Triennial reading special shabbat readings can be selected as required.

Question:Can this integrate with other programs?

Ans: Torah Readers Tikun Teacher provides a RESTFUL web services interface that enables integrations with other programs. Access to these APIs require a Partner subscription, however unlimited access is provided.

Question: Can I print or export to PDF?

Ans: Yes, there is a print option embedded in the program. This will format the page correctly and present the print dialog to you. From the print dialog you can select to print to a printer or to a PDF.

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