Torah Readers Tikun Teacher

Please note that Torah Readers Tikun Teacher is no longer available as a Standalone Application

We have made the Hebrew Torah Texts available through several different mediums:

Available Through Torah

A subset of Torah Readers Tikun Teacher is now part of Torah and is available to subscribers of that program.

Torah Readers

Torah Readers is a unique program that enables lay members to schedule their Torah Readings and learn how to chant the portion. Admins can define the Parshiot with the readings - Full, Triennial and Weekday reading schedules are supported. Torah Readers also enables synagogues to schedule services and enable members to signup to lead various parts of the service that have been made available. This is an easy to use, yet very poerful service that is affordable for any organization.

Available Through The Open Source Judaism Project

The indexed database which is an import of data from Sefaria is available on Github in JSON format. This database contains every word in the Torah Indexed and available in two cross referenced versions; with Nikud and Ta'amim and without Nikud or Ta'amin (i.e. represenation of the Torah).

Note that database provides a seperate document for each word in the Torah, your own custom code will be required in order to piece together the correct sequence of words to retrieve verses correctly by book, chapter and verse range. The documents contain enough information to correctly reconstruct the verses and chapters in the correct sequence.

Torah Readers

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